Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Page: Public Opinion Polls

Recently, I have become interested in the effect of Foreign Policy on the 2012 elections, and thus have been searching out a lot of polling numbers.  I have begun to compile them on a blog page here, located on the top left hand corner of the site.  So far, I have only collected polls taken during the Obama Administration, and have looked at surveys done by Pew Research, ABC News, and Gallup Polls.

Please read, and if you have any polls you would like added, put a link in the comments section.
Here is a nice inforgraphic from a recent poll on Afghanistan
Preference for US troop presence in Afghanistan
For the full list of polls so far, continue reading, or look at the page on the left

9/15/09: Afghanistan Troop Boost Looks Unpopular (ABC News/Washington Post)
9/22/09: Public Support for Afghan Mission Slips (Pew Research)
11/17/09: Afghanistan War Support Slips (ABC News/Washington Post)
12/10/09: News Interest in Afghanistan Surges (Pew Research)
5/9/10: Ahead of Karzai's Visit, a Division on the War (ABC News/Washington Post)
6/7/10: Afghanistan: A Long War - and No Longer a Popular One (ABC News/Washington Post)

4/25/11: New Low for Obama on Afghanistan (ABC News/Washington Post)

11/17/09: Views on the Terror Trials (ABC News/Washington Post)
3/5/10: 9/11 and Military Tribunals (ABC News/Washington Post)
4/12/10: On Nuclear Terrorism, a Muted Perception of Threat (ABC News/Washington Post)
9/09/11: 9/11 Anniversary: A Sense of Security Rebounds (ABC News/Washington Post)
2/08/12: Drones, Gitmo and Drawdown Give Obama Foreign Policy Cred (ABC News/Washington Post)

Libya and Syria
6/7/11: Nearly Six in 10 Support Involvement in Libya (ABC News/Washington Post)
9/8/11: Libya: Steady Views, Declining Interest (Pew Research)


1/13/09: Modest Backing For Israel in Gaza Crisis (Pew Research)

General Foreign Affairs
4/27/09: Broad Backing for Cuba Relations (ABC News/Washington Post)
2/25/10: The Chinese Century? (ABC News)
8/24/10: Public Remains Conflicted Over Islam (Pew Research)
11/30/10: Voting in Foreign Policy Oblivion (Pew Research)
12/14/10: Wikileaks: A Document Dump Too Far (ABC News/Washington Post)

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