Monday, March 11, 2013

Z Magazine March 2013: Turkey, Central Asia, and the Failure of U.S. Imperialism

My most recent article has been published in the March edition of Z Magazine.  While Z has put the article behind a subscribers paywall (and I encourage everyone to subscribe), I will post the article here for Open Source reasons.  Part 2, "The New Crossroads of Empire," will be published in the April edition of Z.  Turkey, Central Asia, and the Failure of  Imperialism

Z is definitely worth reading if you don't know about it.  A monthly magazine published out of Woods Hole, Massachusetts since 1987, Z is edited by Lydia Sargent, Michael Sargent, and Michael Albert.  Coming out of Boston's radical 1970s South End Press (Chomsky, exposes on COINTELPRO and FBI domestic action, gender and identity politics, critical theory), Z now puts out a monthly magazine, publishes books, puts out videos and documentaries  and organizes community action.  It is the living lion of the American New Left, available at Barnes and Nobles, and it is excellent.  The March issue features 2012 Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein, Wharton Professor Emeritus Edward S. Herman, and 12 others, including feature articles on climate change in India, U.S. domestic economics, and me on U.S. attempts at dominion over everything).  Z also features an excellent calendar of national events, brief news recaps, and reviews.  With yearly subscription rates at $3 per issue, it is definitely worth it.

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