Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Real News interview with Bassam Haddad

Paul Jay, the lead editor of the Real News Network, keeps up his excellent coverage of the Syria situation.  His most recent interview is with Bassam Haddad, the director of the Middle East Studies Program at George Mason University.  The 18 minute interview covers the nuances of the different international and regional positions in regard to Syria, as well as the problematic question facing the American left of how to oppose dictatorial regimes while also opposing militarization and violence.  Concerning the latter, Hassad breaks down the problem as such:
If you are trying to emphasize the role of external players, then you are basically being unfair to the question of the repression of the legitimate protest and the killing of people in that regard. And if you try to emphasize only the importance of fighting the dictatorship no matter who is doing the fighting, no matter what happens down the line in terms of NATO intervention, you're also not paying enough attention to the number of people that are likely to be affected, which would be much larger than what we are seeing today. Unfortunately, this cold analysis is actually reprehensible, but this is the reality today. And then whatever position one takes will be infringing upon some rights, some value that many of us actually hold dear.  
Full transcript here

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